The second coming of Motown continues to unfold as one of Detroit’s newest, quality sound factories releases their first full-length compilation this week. After debuting the label 2 years ago with a string of solid singles, tight remixes and the clever “Particularly Handsome” EP of 2008, ExchangeBureauMusic is now playing with a full deck – a library sturdily built on a no-filler artist roster and undeniable grimey funk for which the D is known.

Detroit — land of Motown, of turntable glory, of black soil and rich musicianship. While the streets of forgotten New France are blemished with potholes, the neighborhoods tormented by burnt down houses, and the abandoned factories ghosts of evacuated industry, the underground music scene is packed with midnight marauders and pitch pioneers who take desolate environments and turn them into musical opportunities where innovation reigns supreme. While the mass media has declared Detroit dead, music aficionados know better – we know it is only growing stronger, a cultural underground brewing beneath the surface, preparing to reign supreme just as it has when the Motor City birthed Motown, and Techno, and its innumerable contributions to each of the other major music genres.

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