5 Songs That Illustrate Bitcoin’s Dominance in Pop Culture

5 Songs That Illustrate Bitcoin’s Dominance in Pop Culture

Bitcoin has only just recently celebrated its tenth birthday. Given how much of a niche concept cryptocurrencies were, their rapid penetration of mainstream consciousness has been impressive to see. Most people have now heard of Bitcoin and have at least a loose idea of what it is and what the advantages are.

The growing influence of cryptocurrencies on pop culture is perhaps best exemplified by the growing number of musicians who are discussing Bitcoin in their lyrics. Below are 5 songs that prove what a long way Bitcoin has come in just ten years.

Eminem – Not Alike

Many fans found Eminem’s ‘Revival’ LP to be a disappointing release. Not Alike was a return to form for Eminem, proving that he hadn’t lost his edge. The reference to Bitcoin in the track’s lyrics is symbolic but is perhaps the most high-profile shoutout anyone has ever given Bitcoin.

Given Eminem’s usual affinity for weaving pop culture into his lyrics, the reference to Bitcoin isn’t all that surprising. It isn’t Slim who drops the reference in the track, but the lyrics are Eminem all over from start to finish.

Remy – Bitcoin Billionaire

With a growing number of online casinos now accepting cryptocurrencies and offering bonus bitcoin to new players, the number of self-made Bitcoin billionaires is also on the rise. Remy’s Bitcoin Billionaire is a tongue-in-cheek track and one of the funniest songs written about cryptocurrency so far. The lyrics end with the eponymous Bitcoin Billionaire losing all his crypto savings due to a solar flare.

Coindaddy – Alt Season

Most of the artists on this list are musicians who have mentioned cryptocurrency in one of their tracks. Coindaddy is different; he makes a regular living by trading cryptocurrencies. As one of the relatively few musicians writing songs about cryptocurrency with direct experience trading and using them, Coindaddys’ Alt Season should be a slam-dunk.

Unfortunately, Coindaddy is better at trading crypto than making music.

Ytcracker – Bitcoin Baron

If you are into electronic music, this is the cryptocurrency track for you. The free-flowing rhymes are engrossing enough, but the music is the real star of this track. If you thought that any song about Bitcoin must at least be flirting with novelty, this song is proof that you can have a genuinely good tune with well-written lyrics about cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin Dip – We Miss You

This song is a cover (or parody, depending how you look at it) of Puff Daddy’s ‘I’ll Be Missing You.’ Puff Daddy’s track is itself a cover of a Police song. By now, the track has been forked more often than Bitcoin itself. The end result is an okay track, more notable for being so meta than for being a memorable tune.

These five songs are just a small selection of the growing number that mention cryptocurrencies and incorporates Bitcoin into their lyrics. As cryptocurrencies become more commonplace and gain mainstream acceptance, we expect them to feature in more songs going forward. Who knows? Maybe in a decade, crypto references will be standard in most music.