Interview by Yohance Serrant | Camera/Production: Eve Fouché

I have no idea when Fusicology started becoming my website of choice when it came to finding out about events.  It might have been sometime around ‘04.  I was so happy to find an entire website dedicated to the music and culture that wasn’t “Hollywood”.  It was centered around the people who really cared about having a good time and not being pretentious.  All the things I could ask for!

Well little known to me I would soon meet the founder and owner of Fusicology, Asya Shein.  It was probably around ‘05 when I first met her.  I was at a wedding reception party and we were having dinner.  I remember it distinctly because I believe Rhettmatic and J Rocc was spinning that night and Asya told me she was going to be heading there.  I was slightly jealous because J Dilla and Slum Village were supposed to be there.  Anyway, we chopped it up briefly.  She was real cool.  She talked about how much she loves music, especially House.

About another year later I saw her at an event and someone said “Oh yeah that’s Asya, she owns Fusicology.”  I was like “What?!”   Anytime I ran into her thereafter I would remind her about that brief talk we had at the wedding reception.  She seemed to vaguely remember, but in any case she would still strike up conversation and engage me anyway.  She’s not one of those industry types that looks you up and down before she decides if you’re cool or important enough to talk to.  It means a lot to find someone down to earth like that in LA, trust me.

After a few more encounters and starting the site, I asked her if she’d be down for an interview.  Someone as knowledgeable and connected in music as her, I knew she had a great story.

Part 1

How she started Fusicology

How she fell in love with music

Fusicology’s following

Part 2

The positive music market

Hurdles and haters

How to find her

Words of advice


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