Stop the Republican Party from attempting to bully President Obama. Come out and join @iamwuMRPRES in a Mass Twitter/Viral March in support of President Obama.

We’re Here; Let’s March! Let’s Go!

On January 2, 2011, the day before the Republican Party takes control of the House of Representatives, “@iamwuMRPRES” will give the emboldened Republican Party a welcoming surprise they’ll never forget; a “Mass Twitter/Viral March” dubbed “No Signs, Just Tweets!”, Mikal Kamil and Jimmy Jean-Louis envisioned “@iamwuMRPRES” Mass Twitter Campaign as a global call to action intended to inspire the masses to show their unrelenting support and belief in President Obama’s vision and to help him build a twitter army for the 2012 Election.
The Marathon Begins!

When John Boehner becomes Speaker of the House he will send a clear message that the Republican Party are in charge and have more power than President Obama!  The compromise over extending the Bush Tax Cuts is just one example of what can happen if Americans allow the Republican Party to continue to obstruct, persecute and attempt to bully our great President.
What is a Twitter/Viral March?

  1. A Twitter/Viral March is cutting edge, disruptive and revolutionary in nature.
  2. A Twitter/Viral March is when participants and supporters – during a first Amendment demonstration, express themselves by tweeting instead of carrying signs or shouting.
  3. Unlike signs and shouts, these tweets can spread universally and reemerge constantly in the viral world.

Assembling at the “No Bully Zone” on January 2, 2011.

•     Beginning at 2:00 PM, President Obama’s Twitter Army will assemble at the     “No Bully Zone” on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood CA.
•     At 3:00 PM, Obama’s Twitter army will walk without signs in a mass march       formation led by legendary drummer Sheila E and a massive Drum Corps.
The Twitter/Viral March will begin at Sunset and Vine, ending in front of the     CNN building on Sunset and Cahuenga.

•     Sheila E will lead the W/U MR. PRES “Twitter Countdown”.
After 10-9-8-7-6-5-4- 3-2-1, Obama’s Twitter Army will shout “ W/U     MR. PRES!” and tweet #iamwumrpres to

The objective of the “No Signs, Just Tweets” March is to:

  • Pressure the Republican Party to stop harassing the President and be more cooperative, allowing the President the opportunity to govern.
  • Encourage the President to stay the course and not back down.
  • Remind the Republican Party that the House is still the people’s house.
  • Show that the President has a twitter army that supports him and is ready to stand by him.

Obama’s Twitter Army will not scream or carry signs in order to be heard or seen; we will just tweet #iamwuMRPRES.

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