A new question has been raised regarding Jay-Z. Will the rapper boycott his own team — the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets — for taking $400 million from a bank that some say was built on profits from the slave trade? According to sources, the team recently announced that its arena in Brooklyn would be named the Barclays Center. Named after the UK based Barclays Bank which received funding from the 18th century slave trade and had controversial dealings with South Africa. Okay, okay, I get it; They have “blood” money. Boohoo.

But let’s keep it real shall we? If Jay-Z should boycott them, shouldn’t we boycott our country that was built upon slave labor? Shouldn’t we boycott our president who benefits from a family fortune that was partly built by his grandfather’s dealings with the Nazis? What about the companies that profit from cruel child labor? What about adult film companies that profit from underage actresses? Are you getting my point? Sure its fun to point the finger at the successful “rapper” but who are we fooling? I’m sure most companies have “dirty” money if you do enough digging. Yes, I’m aware of how sensitive the black community is about the slave issue….but the black community as of late has supported many trends that are detrimental to the community as a whole…AND THAT’S IN THE PRESENT!!

So how dare anyone question Sean Carter’s integrity?! Look at where you spend your money and what you support, then check the background of these things, and I’m sure you’ll be happy to…hmmm…what’s the term I’m looking for? Oh yeah, shut the hell up.

Thoth has spoken…