Once again a great man’s accomplishments will be honored. We as the human community respect Martin Luther King Jr. as a great man in our words…..but do we in our actions? Has his dream come true? Do we still share that dream? Have we replaced that dream with the “American” one? Instead of walking united hand-in-hand with one another, would we rather walk hand-in-hand with dead presidents? I think many people misconstrue his message of “equality” for “supremacy.” Sure the people most attracted to this message were blacks but his message was to humanity.

He wanted equality, plain and simple. So that means if you are a black that winces at the interracial couple walking down the street…hate to say it, but Mr. King was speaking against your types. He spoke for equality. It was a human principle…not a black or white one. So if you discriminate against anyone behind closed doors because of their race, religion, sex and etc. You are not a Martin Luther King supporter. I know its trendy to say you are, but your actions may say otherwise. Those types of actions and beliefs were what killed Martin Luther King. So take this time to really ask yourself do you support Dr. King. He has been gone for some time but his words may still hold value for you today. Many are still struggling to make his dream a reality. Are you?

– Thoth