Ever since sound recordings were made part of copyright law in 1972, The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) has been trying to get a royalty for performers when music is played on over-the-air AM/FM radio. With the introduction of the Performance Rights Act, our time has finally come to obtain a performance right in sound recordings. This will not be an easy fight. The broadcasters are very powerful. That’s why we urge you to send a letter to your representatives in Congress here so that they will know that a musician who is their constituent will be affected by this legislation. To learn more about the performance rights campaign, go to


On Saturday December 22nd, Black Dot Artists, Inc celebrated 11 years of cultural arts programming with acclaimed actor Don Cheadle in Oakland benefiting the nonprofit’s development of a cultural district in West Oakland. In his first public appearance in Oakland, Cheadle engaged in a lively conversation with Black Dot Artists’ Chief Creative Officer Marcel Diallo. Full Story…


Fusicology featured in January’s Vapors Magazine as well as on Creative Criss Cross

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