OK; This just mixes a lot of cool metaphors for TheSelektor

Pharrell “The NERD” Williams… The bling has always been a part of Pharrell’s world as we know it… So this comes as little to no surprise to TheSelektor…

Ya boy, F’real’s ultra-smooth yet somehow-STILL-urban face will soon be ‘Frontin’ luxury brand, Louis Vuitton in their soon-come ad campaign for their 2006-2007 line(s)!

It seems that LV Artistic Director, Marc Jacobs thinks that “Skateboard P” will look great standing alongside fellow fashion mavericks, Kate “Back In The Game” Moss and the afore-mentioned Naomi “Hold The Phone” Campbell.

To quote Marc, the line wanted to bring “… a touch of the street, elevated to a rich, modern chic.” Well, they found the right man for the job!

Big ups to all involved, good move! (now keep it movin’)

Pharrell’s Solo, “In My Mind”, has a street release date of July 25, however, that date’s been set and re-set many times over the past year… we’ll see.

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