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Contentric 2012 examines how TV, books, movies, news, video, music, games and other forms of content are being transformed . Here’s a glimpse at what we’ll cover:

From Markets to Ecosystems. Content markets are being replaced by ecosystems — closed systems controlled by gatekeepers like Apple, Amazon, Google, Comcast and so forth. These changes have profound implications for consumer access and privacy, as well as how content is distributed and monetized.

The Price of Free. Content providers have unwittingly convinced consumers that content should be free: by slavishly giving it away; and by creating perfect digital copies that consumers rip off with impunity. Unless content creators can create business models that entice consumers to pay, the music industry’s debacles will be repeated in movies, television and other content arenas.

Reinventing Television. Television is in greater flux than at any time since its invention. Cable providers want to continue to sell profitable packages encompassing hundreds of channels; programmers want to sell content a la carte, and consumers are increasingly demanding it. How will television be reinvented?

Marketing and the Rise of Social Content. As Facebook eats up an ever greater portion of online ad revenue, marketers and brands are rethinking their marketing — moving from static banner ads to original content with a high probability of going viral. A look at the state of the art.

Content in the Cloud. Content tied to a single platform is disappearing. How will content creators remain relevant and profitable in a world where other distributors have the power?

The Death of Gutenberg? Like it or not, the market for printed books will continue to shrink for the foreseeable future. But the disappearance of paper also radically decreases the cost of production, allowing publishers to re-calibrate their royalty formulas; and some authors are already profiting big time from their ability to market and price.

Movie Projections. On the surface, the 2011 box office was solid, with receipts slightly above 2010. But there are other worrisome trends: a badly sagging DVD market; rampant piracy; a topping for 3D and a growing tendency of many consumers to bypass the movie theater entirely for their big screen TVs.

Music: Rent or Own? In a world where services like Rhapsody and Pandora provide millions of curated tracks of music for a low monthly subscription, owning music never looked less compelling. That’s especially true for a younger generation of users that rarely pays for its songs. A look at how the music business

None of the News is Fit to Print. If books are dying, newspapers and magazines are the walking dead. To survive in the twenty years, print publications must radically rethink their business models — eliminating printing presses, walling off their content online and even becoming loss-leaders for more profitable online enterprises.

Whither Consoles? Traditional console games are increasingly being supplanted by downloads, mobile and social games, making the console’s future in the living room tenuous. At the same time, Microsoft has demonstrated that adding new features to X-box — motion and voice input, ability to replace set top boxes — can extend their lives.

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