Sometimes, there is nothing better than just listening to music and letting the sounds take you away. Other times, though, it’s nice to listen to your favorite albums while performing other activities, and some go better together than others. 

If you’re fancying a music session while doing something productive, here are seven activities to accompany your playlist. 

  1. Gaming  

In recent years, gaming has pretty much become its own sport, with many gamers competing in esports. You don’t have to compete to enjoy gaming, though, and it can be the perfect evening activity while listening to your favorite band. 

If you decide to game while listening to music, you’re probably better off with non-story games like racing, poker, or bingo. If you’re interested in some of the latest bingo sites, click here

  1. Reading 

Reading while listening doesn’t suit everyone, but it can be a serene experience for those whose brains allow it. If you struggle to listen to music with lyrics while reading, you could try some soft instrumental instead. 

The great thing about reading and listening is that you can tailor your music choice to the book you’re reading, intensifying the atmosphere of the novel you’re in. 

  1. Studying 

Like reading, this only suits some people, but it’s a great way of doing something you love while boosting your education. Some people even find music helps them concentrate, allowing them to focus better on the task at hand. Even if you are long out of school, there are plenty of online courses to increase your skillset at any age! 

  1. Cleaning 

Some people love cleaning, and some people hate it. Whichever side you fall on, there is no denying that the experience becomes a whole lot more enjoyable with a bit of background music. If you’ve put off your deep cleaning jobs for a little too long, put on your favorite album and jiggle your way to a clean home! 

  1. Showering 

There’s not much else you can do in the shower other than cleaning – you can’t exactly take a book or a phone in there like you could a bath! That’s why listening to music while showering is the ultimate pairing. Plus, no one will see you acting like you’re a sudden rock sensation (but they might hear you!). 

  1. Cooking 

You might not want to think about Hannibal Lector when you think about cooking, but there was something so marvelous about his immaculate cooking skills paired with classical pieces. Cooking and music go hand in hand, so the next time, you decide to whip up a homely casserole or a deliciously cheesy pizza. 

  1. Walking 

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise, but it still gives you plenty of benefits. If you find yourself eager to take a stroll outdoors, put on your headphones and play some of your favorite playlists. It’s good for you, fun, and you’ll find you’ve walked miles in seemingly no time at all! 

Music doesn’t need an accompaniment, but if you decide to give it one, these seven productive activities are sure to compliment it. 

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