SK Planet Launches New Social Music App, MusicBunk

SK Planet today launched MusicBunk, an Android and iPhone app that offers instantaneous, effortless and social music discovery. MusicBunk allows users to share music with friends, have discussions based on what they are listening to and easily purchase new tracks to add to their personal music libraries, all from their mobile device.

Over 10 billion songs have been sold on iTunes, and the average person has 2000 to 5000 songs in their personal library. MusicBunk leverages these songs and libraries to help users find new music and build connections with friends, fusing the listening experience with social networking to provide the next phase of music discovery.

Similar to the experience of sharing and enjoying music with a roommate, MusicBunk helps music lovers discover great music with their friends. MusicBunk lets users express their musical tastes by sharing favorite songs, artists, albums and playlists, giving meaning and context to their choices with the option to comment on songs that they are currently listening to. App users can see and sample friends’ iTunes music libraries, listen to songs from their own music collection or sample and buy songs through the iTunes Store. Users discover new tunes by browsing a friend’s music collection sorted by “liked” songs, recently downloaded albums or artist name.

Integrated with Twitter and Facebook, listeners can easily share their favorite songs and music discoveries. Users can connect with friends on MusicBunk through their phones’ contact lists, Facebook or a username search. The app also offers a “music match” feature that scans the MusicBunk community to find people with similar tastes in music.

MusicBunk is a free Android and iPhone app available for immediate download at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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