Music Professionals and Super Fans Combine Talents and Passion for Music to Empower Musicians and Engage Fans

May 20, 2014–New York, NY – Slyde (, in which music artists release singles and content directly to fans, today announces its launch available for both iOS and Android. This unique, immersive music product, inspired by the best of tangible music releases, magazines, and digital sharing, is a break from the crowded space of streaming, radio and playlists, and focuses on rich content experience directly from artists.

A slyde is a mobile magazine built around a new music single where music fans can experience new releases and related exclusive content (articles, liner notes, lyrics, photo galleries and videos) available over a limited time promotional window. Artists can use their slyde as a bottleneck for promotional content during a new music release and can engage and monetize directly to fans before sending singles out to established download and streaming markets. Slyde is completely sidestepping the streaming debate by focusing on limited-time promotional windows, direct-to-artist relationships, and new rapid, diversified monetization methods.

“Slyde is a free scalable platform for releasing singles and rich content that the industry has been in need of for a long time,” notes Jason Peltz, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. “Artists and management teams are excited at the prospect of Slyde — think of the visibility and success of artist app releases like those from Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. Slyde puts that kind of publishing capability into the hands of even more artists, all within a unified ecosytem.” Along with today’s launch of the company, Slyde debuts with over 50 participating artists, many of whom will release singles and content on day one. Notables include Grammy winners, American Idol contestants and artists featured on the Billboard charts.

“We set out to create a new format. Slyde was designed to recapture a certain kind of discovery experience (physical albums, liner notes, imagery, etc.) that we think is missing from the landscape, and bring that experience forward into current technology,” said Edward Ludvigsen, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder. “As a promotional tool, Slyde empowers artists to engage fans directly with all sorts of content attached to their newest releases, and to drive a new array of transactions.”

About Slyde

Slyde is a unique mobile app and platform that allows artists to engage with their fans and deliver exclusive music content through a free, mobile magazine format. With Slyde, users can discover new music singles and gain access to exclusive content, including images, liner notes, videos, articles, and promos. Through Slyde’s upcoming toolkit releases, artists will be empowered to monetize their music and live performances in new ways. Founded in 2013, Slyde is curated by a team of innovative professionals whose collective backgrounds represent decades of experience within the music industry, technology, design, content publishing, and finance. For more information, visit

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