Spotify has been rocking Europeans with their music streaming service for the past few years and we’ve been mighty jealous over here at Klout HQ. Now you can listen to Spotify over the web, on your Android or Apple phones. And we’re not just talking about a limited selection of songs; Spotify has one of the biggest music libraries in the world for free, for you. Awesome.

We LOVE giving you, the influencers, the best of what’s out there, and we like to give it to you first.

We have a limited number of Spotify Free account invitations to pass out. Get yours right now. If your friends trust your influence on music and download Spotify, your account might even be upgraded to Spotify Premium.

Spotify is one of the most hotly-anticipated launches in America this year. We have been lucky enough to get a sneak preview at Klout HQ. Spotify has completely changed the way we think about music, and the way we share our favorite tunes with our friends. We know you’re going to love Spotify – now go get your invitation!


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