On April 16th, Russell Simmons, Chairman of the HSAN (Hip-Hop Summit Action Network), called for a ‘closed door’ meeting discussing the status of Hip Hop. The meeting was to once again come up with different ways Hip Hop can be moved forward in a positive direction. The meeting took place at Lyor Cohen’s Manhattan Residence on Wednesday April 18th.

Many activists are now shifting their attention to Hip Hop. Much of this recent debate was brought on by,shock jock, Don Imus’ remarks recently. Some are comparing Imus’ remarks with Hip Hop lyrics. Russell Simmons and many others have had meeting after meeting to attempt to make Urban music more positive to no avail. I feel like as long as there are people profiting from these stereotypical images being broadcast all day long through all forms of media, Hip Hop will remain the same. Sad as it is true, only time will tell.

Words: Thoth