SVOG – the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant


The team at GETSVOG is a group of entertainment industry professionals who came together to help venues, promoters, festivals, and talent agencies navigate the complicated filing process and successfully receive funds from the SVOG: Shuttered Venue Operators Grant. They’ve helped over 1000 small businesses get SVOG, RRF, and PPP federal funding.


The Client Process

5 Star Reviews

GET SVOG is happy to speak with people to determine if they are eligible and don’t charge anything to engage their services.  They are compensated by charging a “Success Fee” which is applied on the backend to the awarded grant amount.

If you’d like to learn more about how GESVOG can help you, please schedule a call with Brett Ballou HERE


SVOG – the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant

A grant from the SBA, not a loan, available to certain businesses in the live event industry.

Businesses are awarded 45% of their 2019 Gross Receipts as a grant.

Applicant must show a loss of more than 25% in Revenue in 2020 compared 2019

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for each is different, but the general rule to follow is that there is a LIVE PERFORMANCE that is offered to the public, usually ticketed and advertised ahead of time.

Live Venues

Event Promoters

Music Festivals

Talent Agencies & Managers 

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