What Music to Listen to While Driving?

What Music to Listen to While Driving?

Most motorists listen to music while driving, so the long road doesn’t seem so boring. With music, waiting in traffic jams is easier to endure. Is there a connection between what we listen to while driving and the likelihood of getting into an accident? Several independent groups of scientists agree that the connection is strong.

How Does Music Affect the Driving Style?

According to the scientists, the impact of music on the driver is significant:

● Loud music slows down your reaction speed and causes fatigue. The driver’s brain is initially strained, but over time it begins to tire, slowly reacting to changing traffic conditions;
● Quiet music, the slow one, is relaxing. It’s also dangerous on the road. You can just fall asleep and get into an accident with your favorite car;
● The too energetic melody makes the driving style aggressive and even reckless. It provokes an increase in speed and the execution of risky maneuvers.

British scientists have established a “red” list for the drivers. It includes hard rock, hip-hop, and garage rock. All of these genres cause stress, reckless driving, and speeding. Each driver chooses the ideal version of the “green” list for himself, according to his taste. Suitable tracks for car background and driving music MP3 free download can be found by the link. But there are also some rules for choosing a repertoire.

How to Select the Appropriate Music?

Scientists from the South China University of Technology have found that the BPM of music affects the frequency of accidents. If it exceeds 120 beats per minute, the risk of making a dangerous maneuver increases. In addition, drivers who prefer to travel with heavy music in the background change lanes twice as often and exceed their speed by an average of 8 km/h.

The most dangerous songs to drive, according to this study, were:
● “American Idiot” by Green Day.
● “Party In The USA” by Miley Cyrus.
● “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers.
● “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers.
● “Born To Run” by Bruce Springsteen.

Researchers from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University, in turn, advise, at the first sign that the composition is causing a strong emotional response, to change it. The first signs are considered to be tapping to the beat, a desire to sing, or flashbacks. At the same time, you should not completely turn off the music, the researchers note. Please note that many radio stations try to select the playlist of their songs in a rather successful way. Calm melodies alternate with one or two fast ones. Songs give a way to talk shows and news. This allows keeping the driver’s brain in good shape for a long time. Do not play music too loud, do not listen to heavy and fast songs for a long time. May your road be safe!