We gleamed word of this and more information from NextAid.org. In Africa alone, 6500 hundred people die everyday from AIDS. That is two 911’s every single day. Globally, AIDS has killed more people than all wars, famines and floods throughout this century. Last year alone there were 5 million new cases worldwide. Why has this disease been allowed to run rampant through Africa and the world for two decades?

We are all one, all part of this earth, and if we do nothing, we will all be affected. AIDS is draining worldwide resources already overextended by our struggle against poverty, disease, war, and environmental degradation. Colin Powell has stated that AIDS is the greatest weapon of mass destruction on earth. Never in history have we had to consider what life will be like on this planet where millions and millions of children are growing up on their own. It’s time to act. The good news is there is much you can do. Anything you do can make a lasting impact. Fusicology has gotten behind the efforts of NextAid and we implore each member of our community to be aware and lend a hand when, where and however you can.

Visit NextAid.org or the many other organizations making a tangible difference.