The place was  6th and Gladys Ave. right in the heart of LA’s Skid Row. The historic “Operation Skid Row Music Festival” took place the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, the 20th anniversary year of the Rodney King riots and the 25th anniversary year of Public Enemy’s existence.

Making the event possible were Pete White and LA CAN, Chuck D from Public Enemy and Skid Row’s General Jeff. The goal of the free show was for hip-hop artists to perform gratis for skid row residents, and to spotlight the economic and political plight of L.A.’s homeless.

Participants included Public Enemy, Kurupt, King T, Egyptian Lover, Nipsey Hussle, Mellow Man Ace and Zzyzzx, Sir Jinx and General Population, Yo-Yo, OG Kid Frost, Lady of Rage, LA Posse, Breeze, Rapper’s Rapp Group, Ronnie Hudson, X-Clan, Freestyle Fellowship, Stylistik Jones, Medusa, M*A*S*K featuring Money-B from Digital Underground, Knowledge and more.

Skid Row artists included Twin- Skid Row Flowing, Unkal Bean, the Skid Row Players aka the Skid Row drummers, Skid Row Unit, College Division and Crushow! Check out photos from the event and short video featuring Public Enemy, Egyptian Lover, and M*A*S*K.


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